Sony S1 and S2 Android 3.0 Tablets Revealed


Sony announced that it is developing two tablets, codenamed S1 and S2, running Android 3.0. The Sony Tablets support WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity. The S1 is a 9.4-inch tablet with an “off-center of gravity design that realizes stability and ease of grip as well as a sense of stability and lightness”. On the other hand, the S2 features two 5.5-inch touchscreens that can be folded for easy portability.

The S1 and S2 offers rich entertainment experience through Sony’s Qriocity music and video services and PlayStation Suite. The S1 can also be used as a controller for BRAVIA home entertainment devices using Infrared technology.

Sony S2 Android tablet

Sony S2


Sony S1 Android tablet

Sony S1



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