Pandigital Planet Android Tablet

Pandigital Planet


Pandigital brings three new Android media tablets, the Planet, Nova and Star. All models are powered by Cortex A9 processor with embedded hardware 3D graphics engine for faster response time and enhanced performance. However, Instead of tablet-optimized Android 3.0 Honeycomb, these tablets runs Android 2.2 (Planet, Star) or 2.3 (Nova) OS.

Pandigital Nova Android Tablet

Pandigital Nova


The Planet, Nova comes with a 7-inch 800×600 LCD display while the Star gets a 7-inch 800×480 screen. Each of them have a sensitive ActiveTouch touchscreen interface with multi-touch support. The former two models have 2GB onboard memory and the latter comes with 4GB. They support WiFi connectivity and comes pre-loaded with Barnes & Noble’s eStore e-book store and GetJar app store. You can also find built-in 2-Axis Accelerometer, mini USB port and mini HDMI connector.

Pandigital Planet (R70A200) and Nova (R70F452) are priced at $189 and the Star (R70B200) costs $159. The Planet is available at

Pandigital Star Android Tablet

Pandigital Star


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