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ASUS P5P43TD Pro LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard

Stable. All my components are working at top efficiency. CPU is cool, GPU is awesome, memory, HDD and OD are all fine, front and back ports are all working. There is also nothing wrong with the LAN port as someone mentioned in a review. Seriously go get this mobo.
- DDR3 memory. Top of the line memory standard and performance is great.
- 1 PCI Express x16 2.0 slot. 1 graphics slot was all I needed and I got it. 2 slots are not worth the extra money. Sure you get more performance but SLI and CF never allow you to utilize the full potential of 2 cards. Besides GPUs get outdated quickly. Wouldn't you rather discard 1 GPU than 2?
-eSATA+Optical audio ports. I've been trying to find a mobo with these features and I'm glad I got this one. They're an added bonus to an already great board.

To all the owners of this motherboard who cannot get their facts right. THE PCI EXPRESS X16 PORT IS 2.0, or Gen 2, latest and greatest..whatever you want to call it. Instead of yammering nonsense and docking off eggs, spend some time researching your new motherboard. If you don't believe me, install this neat program called GPU-Z that tells you exactly what version of PCI express that your card as well as your motherboard is running at. If you STILL don't believe me, know that this mobo uses the P43 intel chipset, one of whose features guessed it, PCI Express x16 2.0. Yes it's true that newegg forgot to include this information, but come it that hard to look it up? Hint: Use Google.
Reviewed By: Ralph on 12/8/2009

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Date: 2010-01-04

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