Acer: two years later to dominate the global PC market | Economic Daily News reporter Jen Kai / Taipei
"Acer's accession to the throne this year, the world's notebook computer (NB) leading the throne, Acer chairman JT Wang, Gianfranco Lanci has just ended in Rome, Italy, Acer, global head of the New Year Conference "Kick-off meeting", jointly issued " Acer in 2012 to dominate the world personal computer (PC) market, "the ultimate goal.

Acer, the world's more than 500 key executives gathered in Rome, Italy last weekend to discuss campaign strategy this year by JT Wang, branch co-operation of the new fiscal year the company issued the direction and objectives."... | 2010-01-20

TSMC 28-nanometer technology into mass production Q3 | United Daily newsLi Qing-lin, Peng Huiming / Hsinchu, Taipei - "Semiconductors continued to boom, but the greater pressure of international competition, the leading wafer foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to accelerate the pace of plant yesterday, the fifth new construction of 12 factories on the beam, the third quarter of this year, production is expected to import 28 nm technology, to meet immediate customer demand for high-end products, the positive.

The new plant features a design that is to adopt a number of pollution control facilities and green energy-saving concepts, including the 85% of the manufacturing process of water recovery, rainwater recycling, general recycling hot exhaust and the development of solar power and LED lighting application technology want to reach "zero emissions" goal." | 2010-01-20

"Apple might make Microsoft s Bing the default search engine for iPhone" |

..."Reportedly, Apple could choose Microsoft s Bing as the default iPhone search engine because Google recently became the company s primary enemy (with the launch of Nexus One and the rising popularity of Android), while Microsoft remains a pawn in that battle. ... | 2010-01-20

Motorola Introduces MOTOROI , Korea s First Smart Phone Powered by Android 2.0 | "SEOUL, Korea. 17 January 2010 Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a global leader in mobile telecommunications, today inaugurated a new era in Korea s mobile lifestyle with the introduction of MOTOROI , the first smart phone in Korea to be powered by Android version 2.0.

For people who want the ultimate smart phone experience, MOTOROI offers the ability to use multiple applications at the same time, effortless pinch-and-zoom browsing, and cinematic navigation through music, videos, and maps of the world. " | Cellular 2010-01-20

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