Books vs ereading; Which really costs more?

" So often I hear people say they would love to get an ereader but that the devices are just too expensive to make it worthwhile. I've thought about this a lot and put a little comparison together that I think illustrates why the previous concern is most often incorrect.

Since everyone has different reading habits we will follow the law of averages here and use NY Times bestsellers since they are after all the most widely purchased books on the market. The avg NY Times bestseller costs around $20. The same book in digital format typically cost half or just around $10.
I know you're asking "But what about the cost of the device"? so lets look at that. The bestselling ereader on the market is the Amazon Kindle which sells for $259." - | eReading | 2010-01-27

IDC Says Android Will Be the #2 Mobile Operating System by 2013

"FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 25, 2010 By 2013, IDC forecasts that worldwide shipments of converged mobile devices, also known as smartphones, will surpass 390 million units, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.9% for the 2009 2013 forecast period. Underpinning the converged mobile device market is the constantly shifting mobile operating system (OS) landscape. In a market that was once dominated by a handful of pioneers, such as BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile, newcomers touting open standards (Android) and intuitive design and navigation (Mac OS X and webOS) have garnered strong end-user and handset vendor interest.

"Mobile operating systems have become the key ingredient in the highly competitive mobile device market. Although the overall look and feel of the device will still play an important role in the buying process, the wrong choice of operating system coupled with an awkward user interface can mean the difference between success and failure," says Stephen D. Drake, vice president, Mobility and Telecom."
- | Android | 2010-01-27

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