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Kent Display Reflex LCD Electronic Skins
"Kent Display has developed the Reflex LCD Electronic skins that are ultra thin, single pixel plastic displays that can be changed dynamically. The Reflex LCDs can be cut into different shapes and users can dynamically change their appearance to match their mood, clothing, preference or device status (e.g., incoming call, voice mail).

Thanks to Kent Display s Reflex technology, no power is needed from the host device. Two kinds of Reflex electronic skins are available, the Single Layer Reflex that can display one of the eight solid colors and the Double Layer Reflex that displays a custom pattern comprised of two colors." - | Reader The Reflex LCDs | 2010-01-29

Fujitsu FLEPia (Fureppia) in JICA (2009)

"12.5mm in thickness of the bag in Kasabarazu about 360g light is not light even bother to take one anywhere.
About 40 hours per single charge, about a 64-color display screen that can display 2,400 pages, do not worry about the battery out and also go a long business trip. Walking also looking for other outlets do not have to carry heavy power adapter.
Carrying case and we also offer special cover to protect the body from scratches and impact of the phone. (Sold separately) "

8-inch sensor display with 768 1024 resolution and 260 colors support Processor XScale OS Windows CE 5.0 Supported formats PDF, TXT, HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XMDF eBook and images of all types Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 SD- (support up to 4 Gb) Time of work without recharge - 40 hours Size - 250 158 12,5 mm Weight - 385 grams | Reader The Reflex LCDs | 2010-01-24

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