Newsmy e读6101 (e-6101) e-book reader

Newman's first electric paper books read 6101 with a new 6 inches E-ink Vizplex 2-generation electronic ink display screen, ultra-low power consumption and no radiation, Document Format: TXT, PDF, MP3; • OS: - 2.5mm Headphone jack, ; • Display: 600×800, 6-inch E-ink Vizplex 2-generation electronic ink display screen ; • Power: Built-in lithium batteryUse of time: Maximum support 7000, Standby Time: Approximately 300 hours Fuselage 512MB memory SD card (maximum support 4GB); • Language: Chinese, English; • Dimensions: 188 mm×118 mm×9 mm 185g 0 - 40 degrees Celsius, Storage Temperature -20 - 55 degrees Celsius Reader E-INK. | 2010-01-30

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