Apple is now the fourth biggest publicly traded company in the USA, quickly approaching the $200 billion mark. Apple’s archnemesis Microsoft is at $250 billion, and Walmart is at $208 billion. -

A new Apple patent surfaced, referring to some sort of a remote electronic key device. “The device can communicate with an external device to open a lock. By way of example, the electronic device may be a model of an iPhone.” Hitech thieves will surely be switching to iPhones for their lockpicking needs. -

The iPhone 3GS is finally available in Russia, with some ridiculous prices ($1000 USD for the 16GB model and $1170 for 32GB). Russians aren’t impressed, although the Russian president who is a big fan of Apple is likely to get a new toy. -

iPad will be launched in Canada in late April 2010. It will be launched at the same time in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. International prices and precise launch dates will be announced in April. -

The Vatican wants to show that it’s hip and is due to launch the first officially authorized Vatican iPhone app EVER. App is poised to be a big hit, maybe even as big as the Pope’s recent musical album release. -

iPhone 4G will have video conferencing capabilities, according to the latest rumour stemming from either leaked or doctored screenshot from O2, one of iPhone’s UK distributors. -

iPad and iPhone won’t tether — so said Apple’s Mr Jobs in a response to a Swedish fan’s e-mail. And he was obviously asking about the WiFi iPad version. -

Chinese iPhones might be getting WiFi. As it is, at the moment all iPhones sold in China don’t have the WiFi feature due to government’s restrictions on sales of such devices. Now one Chinese cellular operator tries to repeal that ban. -

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